I found a couple more podcasts that aren't syncing the latest episodes or have had more recent episodes the ones shown on Podyssey.

One of them is entitled History Unplugged Podcast (I use Apple Podcasts if that has any bearing). https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes1237796990-History-Unplugged-Podcast-%7C-American-History%2C-World-History%2C-World-War-2%2C-US-Presidents%2C-Civil-War

Another one is called Get Grimm which has had several more recent episodes on Apple Podcasts. https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes1435103874-Get-Grimm

Also, Most Notorious podcast https://podyssey.fm/podcast/itunes1055044256-Most-Notorious!-A-True-Crime-History-Podcast